Teddy Riley Net Worth

How much is Teddy Riley worth? $3 Million

How did Teddy Riley earn his money and wealth?

Teddy Riley’s was originally named is Edward Theodore Riley. He was born on October 8, 1967, and brought up in St. Nicholas Houses, Harlem, New York. Riley is an American singer-songwriter, musician, performer, keyboardist, and record producer. He is the creator of the new jack swing genre. Teddy is famous for clubbing various types of genres like hip-hop and R&B in creating his unique style of music. He has worked with famous personalities which include Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Doug E. Fresh, Keith Sweat, Usher, and Jane Child.

Riley is a child prodigy and had begun to play musical instruments in the Church at an early age of five. He produced Kool Moe Dee’s 12″ single, “Go See the Doctor”, at the age of 17 in 1986 and this turned out to be hit on the charts ranking 89 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the following year, R&B group “Guy” was formed by Riley along with  Aaron Hall, and Timmy Gatling. Riley here tried to create his own unique mix of hip-hop, R&B and the gospel vocals of Hall to create the “New Jack Swing” and this new genre of music can be seen in Guy’s eponymous debut. In the following years, he produced Big Daddy Kane’s “I Get the Job done” and many other songs. His remix of Jane Child, “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” became a pop smash and was highly successful.

He is the co-producer of Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”, “Remember the Time”, “Jam” and “In the Closet”, of which “Dangerous” became the most successful one of all time with around 32 million copies sold.In 1991, he formed a second group called “Blackstreet”,which released the major hits of the seasons like  “Don’t Leave Me” (1997),”No Diggity” (1996, featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen), and “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” (1999, with Janet Jackson, Eve, and Ja Rule). This group disbanded and reformed various times. He worked on new albums for both his bands Guy and Blackstreet in 2006.

Teddy Riley collaborated with Lady Gaga and produces and co-wrote “Teeth” for her album “The Fame Monster”. Of lately, Riley has got into producing Korean music and is working with RaNia, a Korean girl group.

What are the most popular music albums of Teddy Riley?

Band: Guy

  • Guy (1988)
  • The Future (1990)
  • Guy III (2000)

Band: Blackstreet

  • Blackstreet (1994)
  • Another Level (1996)
  • Finally (1999)
  • Level II (2003)

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