Where is Tamy Lyn Murrell From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC offers a wide array of shows but none quite so popular as ‘My 600-lb Life.’ We follow the fantastic journeys of morbidly obese people who are determined to make a change. Dr. Now carefully supervises them and guides them on their path as the participants try to lose some weight before undergoing surgery. The show also helps us empathize with the members since we understand what drove them to overeat and gain weight. Tamy Lyn Murrell’s story stands out as a success, which might make you wonder where she is at present. We have the latest news and updates.

Tamy Lyn Murrell’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

Tamy Lyn from Covington, Kentucky, joined the show when she was 45 years old. Her peak weight was 591 pounds, and Tamy shared how she had been overeating since her childhood ever since her father died of a heart attack. After the sad demise in the family, Tamy’s mother went into a state of mental decline, which led her to turn to food for comfort, even more.

When she was a young woman, she met James, got married, and had a child. However, the happiness did not last long, and Tamy started growing more obese. Dr. Now advised Tamy to stick to his dietary and exercise routine, and the results became quickly evident. She lost 40 pounds in the first month itself and a total of 179 lbs in the first seven months. Around the time she was approved for gastric surgery, her husband, James revealed that he’d cheated on her.

Tamy lost a total of 246 pounds, which is 41.6% of her peak weight and tipped the scales at 345 pounds. She revealed that James had moved out, but she was feeling much more optimistic about the future. Tamy also returned to Kentucky. You can check Tamy’s sole Instagram picture showing how confident she is after losing weight.

Where is Tamy Lyn Murrell Now?

Currently, Tamy is still on her path to lose weight and looks forward to doing all the things she could not do earlier. You can see her picture below, where she’s careful about calorie intake. Notably, it is Dr. Now’s famous low-carb and low-fat diet that helps the people on ‘My 600-lb Life’ shed the extra pounds. Tamy is also a grandmother now.


Towards the end of the show, Tamy had informed viewers that she and James were living separately but only coming together for their boys. Despite her husband’s indiscretions, he never stopped loving her, and in December 2019, it seems that he made it up to her by proposing again. Check out their picture here.

Tamy even shared a picture of the ring he gave her, which you can see below.

It seems that she has got her life back on track as far as her weight loss goals and relationships are concerned. A picture posted in February 2020 shows the couple enjoying a ride together.

However, there’s been a cloud on the horizon. When Tamy went in to get checked because her ankles were popping and hurting when she walked, she was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease. There’s no update on it yet, but it appears that Tamy maintains a positive outlook towards life. Check her out, relaxing in a comfortable new chair.

Her latest update shows just how much weight she’s lost, and we cannot help observing that Tamy’s journey has been remarkable.

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