15 Best Chick Flicks on Hulu Right Now

What’s a chick flick? And is it sexist to even suggest that there is a genre of films meant only (for the most part) for women? Well, the answer to both the questions is another question: How do you define a chick flick? If by chick flick, you mean, films that are about a group of women obsessed with make-up and break-ups, then I would answer yes to the second question. But I don’t think that’s what a chick flick is. The idea of a chick flick is — and should be — different. A film with central women characters dealing in female issues could be a chick flick. Or a film that a woman can enjoy with her female friends can also be a chick flick. So, what I am saying is, the definition of a chick flick is not set in stone. For all practical purposes, I know many men, including myself, who love to watch chick flicks.

With that in mind, I set out to find the best chick flick movies that are available on Hulu. With the emergence of online streaming services, nowadays, people prefer watching movies sitting in the comforts of their home. Netflix, of course, has the lion’s share of eyeballs, but Hulu is not far behind. So, if you are planning to watch a chick flick with a bunch of your friends, you don’t need to go to a theatre. You can just invite them to your house. Anyway, this list consists of all kinds of chick flicks: from love stories to coming-of-age stories. Again, here’s the list of really good chick flicks on Hulu.

15. Heathers (1988)

‘Heathers’ is an entertaining movie if you love black comedies. I have heard people who have watched it complain about the violence. But that’s the point, you can’t make everyone get into the black comedy genre. Anyway, coming to the plot ‘Heathers’ has two main characters, first one is Veronica Sawyer played by Winona Ryder and the other one is her lover JD played by Christian Slater. High school is a tough time for many but those who are popular end up having the most fun. Veronica wants to survive high school like everyone else. She does this by staying close to a group of most popular and powerful girls known as Heathers. But she doesn’t necessarily like them or what they do but has no control. When she meets the sociopath JD her violent desires come to life as she starts murdering her so-called best friends.

14. Christmas Crush (2012)

Sometimes I like watching Christmas movies when I want to get away from the crime mystery thriller genre. Well, these are the times when I don’t wanna follow subplots and complications and try to figure things out. Christmas movies are a great help during these times as they are fairly simple and fun. This movie also tries to provide its share of Christmas fun. The main character is a woman named Georgia who is in her late twenties. Though she has dated many men since her high school, she always knew that none would come close to her high school flame Craig whom she still wants. When she hears of a high school reunion a week before Christmas she becomes overjoyed to meet Craig but what she feels is something different. It might not have been Craig all along, but someone else?

13. Election (1999)

I never thought ‘Election’ would be an entertaining movie to watch. I mean the plot sounded mundane to me. But when I watched it, I did enjoy it. It is fun to watch how several characters try to sabotage each other for their own ambitions. Reese Witherspoon plays the role of Tracy Flick who doesn’t get along with her Social Studies teacher Jim McAllister played by Matthew Broderick. When Tracy decides to run for school president Jim persuades Paul a football player to compete against her so that Tracy doesn’t win. But another person joins the race. She is Paul’s lesbian sister who gets angry after being dumped by her girlfriend who left her for Paul. Each of the candidates starts to play tricks to win the race. For example, Tracy brings muffins and gums to win the popular vote. Meanwhile, Jim’s married life isn’t going so well. Who will win the election?

12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ is a movie about girls who want to live their dream. The movie really has that 80s feel to it. I know it came out in the 80s only, but still, it’s too 80s. Anyway, I think this a great movie if you just wanna hang out with your girlfriends (don’t get me wrong, I am talking about female friends and not multiple romantic partners) and have fun. The movie stars young Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker. The main protagonist of the movie is Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Lynne (Helen Hunt). Janey is the daughter of a military man and is overjoyed when she hears that her dad is transferred to Chicago where her favourite dance show Dance TV takes place. She meets Lynne there and both share the same interests. But when they go to the audition, they end up making an enemy out of a rich girl by the name of Natalie Sands. The plot develops with these three characters in focus.

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11. Goodbye First Love (2011)

This is a nice movie, and for people who love romantic dramas, this might be a great watch. The movie starts in 1999 where we are introduced to the main characters- Camille, a 15-year-old girl, and Sullivan, a 19-year-old boy. They are crazy about each other and are intensely in a relationship. But Sullivan had other dreams. He dreams of going to South America. Camille doesn’t like the idea as they will be separated. But Sullivan still leaves and promises to write to her. But after some time, he stops. This greatly hurts Camille who then attempts suicide. After a period of four years, we see Camille living alone. She is a student of architecture. She meets a famous architect named Lorenz with whom she gets into a relationship. But then she meets Sullivan again and their old feelings are rekindled. What will Camille do now?

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10. Young and Beautiful (2013)

‘Young and Beautiful’ is a romantic drama. The main protagonist of the movie is Isabelle. Isabelle is a teenager of French descent. She along with her family travelled to the south of France to spend the summer vacations. Their she meets Felix who is a German teenager. She likes him and decides to get physical with and finally losing her virginity. This experience changes Isabelle or rather a hidden side of her emerges. She returns to Paris but secretly starts working as a call girl and adopts a professional name of Lea. She isn’t much into the encounters or the money. Then one day her client is George who is a married man. Isabelle takes a liking to him. One day while having sex George dies. Isabelle panics and then flees the scene. Police are soon on the investigation and find Isabelle’s true identity.

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9. Flashdance (1983)

1983’s ‘Flashdance’ is a film about Alex, a young teenager who dreams of being a professional ballet dancer. To support herself, she works as a welder and also dances at a local cabaret. The owner at the welding factory she works for, Nick, ends up noticing her at the club and even wants to pursue a romantic relationship with Alex, which she disregards initially. To perfect her skills, Alex wants to apply to the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance and Repertory but is afraid to go through the tedious application process. Meanwhile, she starts going out with Nick, and there is a slight chance of a romance developing between them. An interesting film about the struggles of a teenager as she tries to live her life on her own terms, ‘Flashdance’ tries to be something great, but poor writing makes the film a ride through several unwanted cliches.

8. Vita And Virginia (2018)

Virginia Woolf is one of the most prominent female literary figures of the 20th century. This film follows the relationship she establishes with the poet and novelist Vita Sackville-West who herself pursues Woolf and manages to take the iconic author to her bed. The film is set in London of the 1920s, where these two women used to hang out with different circles but finally manage to forge a relationship together. The only good thing that comes out of the affair is one of the most celebrated novels written by Woolf, ‘Orlando’. Despite having such a great premise to work on, the film falters because of a loose script which barely manages to capture the intensity of this short-lived affair.

7. Under The Tuscan Sun (2003)

This 2003 film centres around a character called Frances Hayes, a writer, and talks about a time of her life when she is going through a writer’s block and is not being able to produce anything worthwhile. This writer’s block has been triggered by her divorce which has also left her homeless. On the advice of one of her friends, Frances decides to take a trip to Tuscany, Italy, to recharge her batteries and look at life afresh. There, she comes across a beautiful villa which she immediately takes a liking to. Frances comes to the conclusion that she needs to obtain this villa for herself and ends up buying it. Her new life in Italy among various people from various walks of life starts giving her a new perspective. Will Frances be able to get her life back on track once again? The performance of leading actor Diane Lane is the best aspect of this film. However, ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ provides no new perspective on characters going through such a situation in their lives and follows a pretty formulaic pattern.

6. Booksmart (2019)

As the name of the film suggests, ‘Booksmart‘ is the story of two teenagers who have spent most of their time in school studying hard and refraining from any social activities like partying with friends or even dating. Now about to leave school, these two friends, Amy and Molly realize that they have not had any fun in all these years. Thus, they plan to go to a graduation party being hosted by one of their friends. However, their attempts to enjoy at several parties turn into misadventures of various sorts. The girls even get drugged and end up having a psychedelic trip where they imagine themselves to be dolls. The best thing about ‘Booksmart’ is that it is not one of those films which you figure out right from the beginning. The story meanders through several different courses as it comes towards its conclusion. Brilliant acting and an amazing screenplay make this film one of the best chick flicks of 2019.

5. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

A rather off-beat chick flick, ‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’ centres around the legend behind the creation of the now-iconic DC Comics character Wonder Woman. American psychologist William Moulton Marston is the creator of this character and based her on his wife Elizabeth and mistress Olive Byrne. Both these women were staunch feminists, and it is said that their ideologies went a long way in moulding Wonder Woman as we know her today. Interestingly enough, the relationship between these three people was a three-way affair, and even after Marston passed away, Elizabeth and Olive continued living together and even raised a child. The film, besides telling us about the creation of one of the most popular comic book characters, also tells us a story about two women who dared to subvert the concepts of relationships as popularly accepted.

4. Juliet, Naked (2018)

Directed by Jesse Peretz, ‘Juliet, Naked’ is based on a similarly-titled book written by Nick Hornby. The film stars Rose Byrne as Annie, a museum curator who is stuck in a lifeless relationship with a college professor called Duncan. Her boyfriend’s main obsession is an obscure rockstar called Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). Duncan is always so much into Tucker’s career, music, and so on, that he never manages to devote time to his girlfriend’s needs. Angry with Tucker for becoming such a big obstacle in her life, Annie posts a negative comment on one of his music videos. She did not expect that on reading it, Tucker would himself reach out to her. Annie responds to Tucker’s message, and soon the two of them develop interesting chemistry. Despite courting a number of cliches, ‘Juliet, Naked’ still manages to be a pleasant watch due to the strong performances by Hawke and Byrne.

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3. The Duke Of Burgundy (2014)

‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ is an erotic fantasy movie about the relationship between two women which is clouded by several weird ways in which one of them obtains sexual pleasure. The film centres around Evelyn and Cynthia. Besides working as a maid in Cynthia’s house, Evelyn also studies lepidopterology under her. While at first we are given the impression that Cynthia is the dominant partner in the relationship, it is soon revealed that Evelyn is the one who orchestrates the ways in which they interact. Evelyn craves for several punishments at the hands of Cynthia, and this is how she receives some sort of sexual pleasure. Strains appear in their relationship when Cynthia begins to get frustrated and does not do everything that Evelyn asks from her. It goes without saying that ‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ starts on a rather interesting premise.

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2. High Strung (2016)

An amazing story full of music and life, ‘High Strung’ centres around a girl called Ruby, who is a ballet dancer at the Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts and Johnnie, a rather talented violinist who plays in the New York Subway. It so happens that Johnnie turns out to be an illegal immigrant from Britain living without his passport or any valid document for that matter. However, his immense talent with the violin makes Ruby wonder whether she can make him her musical partner in an upcoming dance competition. The two of them go through various ordeals to finally be able to participate in the competition that could change both of their lives. Yes, the plot of the film is quite cliched and we can tell what will happen by the end even without seeing it. But ‘High Strung’ manages to entertain its audience thoroughly without there being a single moment of boredom throughout the running time of the film.

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1. Gloria (2013)

While most chick-flicks look at the life of young women, there is hardly any movie which looks at the life and losses of an elderly woman. This is where the Chilean-Spanish film ‘Gloria’ is different. The film centres around the eponymous woman who, even at 58, has the courage to decide that she does not want to be alone. She manages to befriend an interesting character called Rodolfo who, like Gloria, is also a divorcee. The two of them bond together, but every time they come close, one incident or another takes Rodolfo away from Gloria. Will she be able to bear with him? The film takes a brilliant approach towards looking at the life of a woman who is well past her prime. But she is still jubilant inside and has not given up hope on life.

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