5 Best Paranormal Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

The spookiest part of the year is Halloween, but that does not mean that it’s the only time of the year you can watch horror films. Anytime is a good time to watch horror films. Now not all horror films are able to pull off the genre too well but have you noticed that almost all the best movies in the horror or paranormal genre have one thing in common? They’re all based on true events. Take ‘The Conjuring‘ for example – no doubt it has amazing characters, a great storyline and a good bunch of jump scares, but one thing that chills us down to our bones is the fact that all of those incidents actually happened to a family.

Even the movies that are not based on true events try to portray the incidents in such a way that the viewer starts to believe that all of it is actually happening. They either do this by recreating the events and characters or they show us a first-person view of the film, making it look like some amateur documentary made by real people. An example of this would be ‘The Blair Witch Project’ or ‘Grave Encounters.’ But if you’re looking for something that’s even more than just an adaption of a true story or more than a wannabe documentary, then we might just have something for you. There are some thrill seekers out there who purposely go to haunted sights and locations and even use Ouija Boards to interact with the paranormal beings. But not all of us have the hardihood to do that stuff.

However, there’s always a safer route that you can take towards this. And that safer option is to watch documentaries. Documentaries bring us a lot closer to reality than movies. So for all those people who don’t want real paranormal experience but still want a streak of the horrifying realities of true events, then scroll down and check out our list of all the paranormal documentaries that are on Netflix right now. Here’s the list of really good paranormal documentaries on Netflix that are available to stream right now. The list includes scary paranormal documentaries and BBC paranormal documentaries.

5. Hostage to the Devil (2016)

This documentary recalls the incident described in Father Malachi Martin’s famous book that goes by the same name. The documentary depicts an incident where the Father had to become an exorcist for a child who was possessed by the devil. The Father was locked in with the child for hours and hours, trying to free the soul of the child while the Devil just kept the two as his hostage. The book is extremely horrifying and sets a very high standard for the film. You wouldn’t even expect the film to be on par with the book but this documentary will surpass all your expectations and scare the hell out of you.

The movie misses out on the controversial side of the priest and doesn’t talk much about this past theories or revelations in the paranormal field of study. It does not even reflect much upon his private life, which would’ve surely added more value to the role of the priest. Now all of it just comes down to you: you can either watch it with a skeptic’s eye and look for holes in the story and, of course, the religious references in the movie or you can actually take it all in without questioning it too much and get the scares that you’re looking for.

4. The Nightmare (2015)

You don’t know true horror if you have never experienced sleep paralysis. I remember my first sleep paralysis experience. I laid there on my bad with my eyes wide open but my body completely unable to move and all around me I could feel this heaviness and a feeling that someone was in the room. I could even hear weird scratching sounds from the other side of the ceiling. I even started to think that my house was haunted but even as a kid I was quite skeptic, so I googled my experience and realized that what I had felt was nothing even close to paranormal, it was just a reaction towards some not-so-serious health condition. But my experience was far from horrifying if I compare it with the experiences of other people who get some majorly terrifying hallucinations during it.

‘The Nightmare’ brings some of these stories of people to life. The scariest thing about this is that those paranormal experiences may not be real but they’re segments of those people’s imagination, and our imagination can take us to places where no horror film can, that’s the reason why we love Stephen King’s novels because he lets us imagine a lot of things through his horror novels, making even the smallest things scary. The only flaw in this documentary is that they do not explain what causes this condition, maybe an interview with a sleep specialist or psychologist would’ve helped. But then I guess it wouldn’t be that scary for most people after knowing that there is a scientific explanation for the “shadow people” who visit us. Overall ‘The Nightmare’ is a great documentary that could’ve done a little better by taking us deeper into the lives of the people who were being interviewed but it still has some terrifying moments and is worth your time.

3. The Devil and the Father Amorth (2017)

This film shows the incidents of an Italian woman who was possessed by Satan nine times. Father Amorth performs an exorcism on her for the ninth time to free her from the Devil. The scariest part of this documentary is when the lady starts talking in strange voices and then a lot of debate goes on and off about the truth behind the events. Questions are asked about the sanity of the movie and also about religious ethics. I’ve noticed one thing that’s common about all of these exorcism documentaries: a lot of atheists or people with different religious beliefs tend to downrate these movies based on what they believe. But that’s not the purpose of these films, is it? It’s mostly for entertainment and not for threatening your own personal beliefs. So my request to you as a viewer would be to watch this one for what it is without questioning the religious values behind it. Only then you’ll actually find it scary and that’s when you’ll be able to enjoy it.

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2. Dark Tourists (2018)

We love tourism shows on TLC that features tourists visiting exotic and beautiful destinations inspiring us to pack our bags and travel the world. But Journalist David Farrier has a fetish for places that are not exactly “exotic”. His dark choices for travel may not inspire you at all to travel and might just scare you to an extent where you might want to stay inside your home for the rest of the week. He visits dark and dangerous places, which include haunted forests, death-worshipping cults, vampires and also atomic pools filled with radiation. This TV docu-series is not for the faint-hearted and some really graphic and violent images that will later haunt you. But overall, this is one of the best docu-series that you can get on Netflix right now from this genre.

1. Killer Legends (2014)

Every town has its own set of urban legends. Almost every school I had studied back in the day was “built on a graveyard.” Some of these urban legends that go around are downright stupid and can be dismissed easily, but then there are some that may not be believable but still may have an underlying origin story that might even be scarier than the legend that has been going around. This documentary does exactly that – it investigates urban legends that have been around for a while and tries to dwell deep into their origin. It’s an enjoyable documentary but you’ll need a strong heart for this one because it can at times get very graphic with the crimes and grim stories.

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