11 Best Doctor Movies on Netflix Right Now

You don’t have to be a doctor, a nurse or a medical researcher to fall in love with a jargon-free, immersive and thrilling medical movie. A major reason behind the massive fan following for medical thrillers is that most of them are based on real-life incidents. People also like to watch medical movies as they give them a sneak peek into the profession which is widely mystified for its proximity with life and death. Moreover, it is a field closely associated with dramatic situations as a routine exercise. Netflix is keen to update their collection of movies with tags medical, psychology and doctor, owing to their increasing demand. With all that said now, here’s the list of really good doctor movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

11. Take Your Pills (2018)

Take Your Pills

Take Your Pills‘ is an intriguing documentary that reveals an America invaded by drugs like Adderall and Ritalin. The movie finds these names are everywhere, in schools, playgrounds, offices, streets, metros, and markets. The pressure to push one’s boundaries beyond our capabilities attracts people towards these names. The acclaimed documentary filmmaker Alison Klayman, known for ‘Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry,’ leaves no leaf unturned in his exploration of the pervasiveness of cognitive-enhancement stimulants in our times. As Adderall and Ritalin become the iconic drugs of a generation, ‘Take Your Pills’ checks the phenomenon from all sides. Without being rudely judgmental, the documentary feature draws a vivid picture of drugs and how they define our future.

10. The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (2007)

the diving bell and the butterfly

Julian Schnabel’s brilliant take on the locked-in syndrome and the traumatic existence of those who are suffering from it. Jean-Dominique Bauby, the energetic editor of Ell magazine, wakes up one day realizing he is in room at Berck-sur-Mer hospital building. Later, he learns that he has been there in comatose for several weeks after a massive stroke. Even though he can see and listen to the external world, his body is completely paralyzed. Fortunately or unfortunately, the only functioning part of his body is his left eye. His tragedy triggers an avalanche of hospital visits as his friends and relatives come one after another.

The happening also facilitates the coming together of some special people in his life including, Céline Desmoulins, mother of his children, Inès, his current lover and his old father. He establishes warm bonding with the physical therapist Marie and the speech therapist Henriette. Henriette eventually trains him to communicate using a blinking system using his only functioning eye. Bauby uses this language of the left eye to open up about his internal world. The movie ends as a touching memoir written with a blinking left eye and ponders on the psychological trauma of being trapped inside a motionless body while the mind wandering through all the imagined landscapes and people.

9. Se7en (1995)

John Doe in 'Se7en' 

David Fincher’s ‘Se7en‘ is a cult classic character study of a chaotic mind. Through the two detectives, we dig deep into the mysterious psychological realm of the killer, played beautifully by Kevin Spacey. They dissect the seven deadly sins to get a clue to get into the mind of the killer. Even though hailed as one of the terrific serial killer movies of all time, ‘Se7en’ is a psychological character study at the core. The movie is constructed on the mind games played between the detective pair, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and their nemesis, a deadly homicidal psychopath who murders his victims inspired by the seven deadly sins.

As the killer keeps on improvising in his brutal methods, the case becomes a paradox for the detectives. They manage to inch close to the killer only when the mysterious connection of the murders and the seven deadly sins revealed. According to the pattern of crimes, they assume another five victims in the line. The movie culminates in a twisted and bloody climax with a psychological battle of three minds unleashes all the wrath a human mind can flush out.

8. The Theory of Everything (2014)


‘The Theory of Everything’ draws an intimate picture of one of the most brilliant and popular physicist of recent times, Stephen Hawking. The movie starts following him a student who falls for the art student, Jane Wilde. Set in Cambridge during the ’60s, ‘The Theory of Everything’ documents tragedy in Hawking’s life when he is given just two years to live after the attack of a fatal illness at the age of 21.

It is the end of everything for a bright student of cosmology, but Hawking bounces back from the depressing world of tubes, machines and medicines with the help of Jane Wilde. As an extraordinary journey of a powerful mind and his soulmate, the movie enriches us with light. Over the course of their relationship, the bond is tested and both bear wounds of their own. The movie shows the unstoppable Hawking goes on to known as the successor to Einstein, a good husband and a caring father of three kids.

7. Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ is a milestone in the long list of medical movies as it documents one of the violent chapters of the treatment history of HIV. Matthew McConaughey’s mind-blowing performance as Ron Woodroof in Texas, the junkie cowboy infected by HIV, is the key factor of the movie. Ron’s wild life of drugs, alcohol and sex takes a pause when he is diagnosed as HIV-positive. He has been given 30 days countdown for his life. At the face of death, Ron reinvents the purpose of his life. He decides to take things on his own hands while the nation is divided over the policy-making in the battle against HIV.

The society is infected with the stigma of HIV and Ron is ostracized by his friends. A depressed Ron realizes that the government-approved medicines for HIV patients contribute a minuscule per cent of the demand. He forms a volunteer army of outcasts who share the same predicament as him and starts sourcing alternative medicines from around the globe using both legal and illegal means. Within a short span of time, Ron’s network of alternative medical support for HIV patients grows into the hugely successful ‘Buyers’ Club,’ serving medicine to hundreds of HIV patients.

6. Anger Management (2003)

Anger Management (2003)

‘Anger Management’ is a hilarious take on the issues of anxiety and anger management in our daily life. The timid businessman Dave Buznik finds himself at odds with the law after an unfortunate flight incident. The court ordered him to undergo anger management therapy under the supervision of specialist Dr. Buddy Rydell. Now, Dave has more than one demons to deal with – his boss, Mr. Frank, who grabs the credit of all the achievements, his girlfriend’s best friend and ex-lover, Andrew and the psychopathic Dr. Buddy. Dave’s life becomes a mess and Dr. Buddy is the only person who can save him. But doctor’s out-of-the-way treatment methods derails his personal and professional life. havoc with his life. ‘Anger Management’ follows Dave desperate attempt to put the scattered piece of his life together, while fighting his anger issues.

5. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)


Horror unleashes when a small town coroner and his son are assigned to the examination of an unidentified female corpse in the movie ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe.’ Even though the examiners can’t find any solid reason for the death of the beautiful woman, Jane Doe, something hidden in the corpse temps them to explore more. But, their medical curiosity leads them straight into the face of evil. The more they go into the secrets of the corpse, it starts revealing important clues about the bloody crime and murder. The clues lead them to the dark secrets behind the murder of Jane Doe. Now with the corpse revealing her terrifying secrets, they become the keys to unlock her Pandora box. And, there are evil men in search of the keys.

4. On Body and Soul (2017)

on body and soul

‘On Body and Soul’ is a poetic depiction of an enigmatic love story in the backdrop of a depressing Budapest. When the older introvert, Endre, meets the mysteriously shy new recruit in the office, Maria, ‘On Body and Soul‘ takes a turn for a psychological journey. Soon, the pair discovers a spiritual thread connecting them through bizarre dreams. Together, they try to decode the meaning of their visions and start an unlikely love affair. With a lot of secrets and emotions to hide from other employees, Endre and Maria become two secret isles connected through dreams. They start to recreate the magical experience of dreaming in daylight, which ends up in a mess within the organization. What follows is a catharsis for the two introverts through their body and soul.

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3. Paddleton (2019)


Mark Duplass and Ray Romano take us to a tour which is emotive and heartbreaking for its intimate nature. The Netflix original movie, ‘Paddleton’ follows the neighbors, played by Duplass and Romano. Both of them are considered misfits by the townspeople. They find a true friend in each other as society keeps a distance from them. But their mundane life catapults when one of the friends is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now they have to rely on the bond of friendship to get over the tragic plight. From this point onward, ‘Paddleton’ turns out to be an intense emotional journey of the two men. The movie leaves a reassuring feeling while showcasing the magical healing power of friendship and empathy in easing the trauma of terminal diseases.

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2. Notes on Blindness (2016)

notes on blindness

Writer and theologian John Hull meets the worse tragedy in his life days before the birth of his first baby: he wakes up blind one fine day. ‘Notes on Blindness‘ is a sharp portrayal of life without light around a blind man. The movie takes us to another lever when John starts note down the world as perceived through his other senses. His diary recorded on audio cassettes become a comprehensive audio document of the blind man’s take on the world. Upon their publication, the dairy notes become an instant hit garnering critical praise. The movie is completely based on the exclusive and original recordings. It is an astonishing work from a blind man about his internal world, memories, dreams, and random thoughts about the blindness as an existential state of mind.

1. Phobia 2 (2009)

phobia 2

‘Phobia 2’ is an anthology movie comprising of five short movie segments directed by five masters of the Thai horror movie genre. In the first segment titled ‘Novice,’ a boy flees the law after a crime and takes refuge in a sacred place. But upon meditation, his conscience starts to torture him with fear and guilt for the terrifying act he did. The second segment ‘Ward,’ unfolds within a hospital premise. A young man’s sleepless night turns out to be a nightmare when he realizes an old man next to him has scary air around him. His visions of being haunted by the old man start happening in reality as the night grows.

The third segment ‘Backpackers,’ chronicles the horror released when two men and two hitchhikers in a truck open the back. In the fourth segment ‘Salvage’, a used car dealer becomes terrified when he comes to know the horrible acts of the previous car owners and passengers. In the last segment ‘In the End,’ an actress’ unexpected death shocks the entire cast and crew in a shooting location. The hospital staff are terrified when they witness something scary in the dead body and to make things worse, they learn that the actress was playing the role of a ghost in the movie.

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